Crowd Activation

Engaging interactive experiences designed for the event industry

  • Crowd Activation

    Social Mosa

    A Twitter and Instagram wall combined. The perfect social media expression at your event.

  • Crowd Activation

    Zygote Balls

    Bring a crowd together with large inflatable LED Zygote balls that react with coloured light to touch.

  • Crowd Activation

    Graffiti Wall

    Fusing interactive technology with street art, the Graffiti Wall is a focal point experience.


How are brands using them?

What do they look like?

What's the upside?

White Label

Brand our products and make event guests feel like you went the extra mile for them.


It's unlikely your guests have engaged with anything like it before - complex technology used to create a simple, memorable experience.

High Visual Design

We believe in high design, quality and performance. Our products look great and work great, helping you make a positive impression.

Social Media Echo

Your guests will want to share their experience online, extending brand reach.

Creative Expression

Our products allow guests to explore, play and participate. They're an engaging outlet for creative expression.

Collective Activity

When a crowd plays together it generates a collective buzz and energy that's hard to beat.

Cost Effective

Our products make a splash at the event, trigger press coverage and generate talk value.

Available Globally

Through our network of partner companies, Tangible Interaction provides Crowd Activation products and services across the globe.

What are clients saying?

  • Brian Flaman Mosaic

    Social Mosa for vitaminwater
    It was amazing, the client loved it. All the bloggers who wrote about the event said how Social Mosa stole the show that night! Thanks so much for your work.

  • Jason Klos Imagination

    Digital Graffiti Wall for FORD
    Thanks for everything. The Digital Graffiti Wall was a hit again. We saw record numbers at the Detroit Auto Show. Chicago show is fast approaching!

  • Claire Humphrey Corporate Magic

    Zygotes for Prudential
    Client loved the Zygotes. Hope to work together again soon… keep me updated on any new toys!

  • Linette Morales Heineken Americas

    Digital Graffiti Wall for Heineken
    Thanks for coming down to Panama. This event confirmed the Latin American markets are very interested in the Graffiti Wall. Looking forward to next time.

  • Matt Schmertz The Marketing Arm

    Social Mosa for VSPink
    The event was incredibly successful! The client was very happy with the platform and loved the social engagement it encouraged. We're looking forward to using this at future VSPink events.

  • Andi Mitoi Livada, Romania

    Zygotes for Orange Telecom
    First, let me say the Zygotes worked great. They were also much appreciated by the band (Jamiroquai).

  • Jennifer Libo Best Events LA

    Social Mosa for MTV Spring Break
    We really enjoyed working with your team. They were so accommodating of every request and really made the experience wonderful. We've only received positive feedback from the client - they were thrilled with the activation. Thanks!

  • Josh James Event & Activation Resource, AUS.

    Zygotes for Telstra
    The guys were great and did a really good job! The Zygotes looked fantastic, especially at the end of the show. Thanks again, I hope we can work with you guys in the future.

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